How much does membership cost?

• Annual membership fee is £60 (waived for first year)

• New member Essentials Induction* £320 for five double ComputerDriving® lessons
(normally £500) plus a Tomtie membership pack, ongoing email support and the first
year’s membership fee.

After your Induction, the cost is:

• ComputerDriving® lesson – 1 hour @£50

• ComputerDriving® lesson deal – 1 hour @£40 using our 5 for the price of 4 deal (£200 paid up front). This is valid for four months

All Tomtie members must complete their Computer Annual Service and Annual Security Renewal Tomtie Guides each year. Our Membership pack is free for first time members otherwise there is a charge.

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*Your Essentials Induction – valid for four months.

Sometimes, if you need additional support (such as buying and setting up a new computer or fixing broadband problems), you may need more ComputerDriving® lessons to complete all the Essentials Induction Guides (Ten hours is required for the Essentials Induction Guides) and they should ideally be completed in the first four months of membership.