ComputerDriving® lessons

Learn at your own pace

A ComputerDriving® lesson is one-to-one tuition on any computer device with a ComputerDriving® Instructor, in your home. Lessons last for one hour, with 50 minutes’ tuition time.

Thanks to our unique ComputerDriving® lesson system, you are always ‘in the driving seat’, in control, and work at your own pace.

In the same way that a Driving Instructor would not lean over and grab the steering wheel, a ComputerDriving® Instructor will not touch your device controls.

Our ComputerDriving® Instructors are carefully selected, well trained and their work is tested, assessed and rated.

What if I forget?

What if I forget what I did in my lesson?

Sometimes you will! But that’s where the Tomtie teaching system kicks in:

  • You will have a Personal Action Plan – your Instructor writes this up during the lesson; it sets out the steps required for you to repeat an occasional task
  • You will be given some work to do at home in your own time. Your Instructor will encourage you to follow up on what you have done by giving you a specific task that will be discussed at your next lesson
  • You’ll receive a ComputerDriving® lesson log within 48 hours of your lesson with full details of what you covered in your lesson
  • Finally, you’ll be given a ComputerDriving® lesson summary at the start of your next lesson to help review what you did and plan the new lesson