Learn computer skills the easy way
at your own pace
in your own home

What We Do?

At Tomtie, we want to make things easier for you when you go online with your computer, laptop. Phone, iPad or any tech device. 

When you book an initial free visit, one of our local ComputerDriving® Instructors will visit you in your home and check out all your needs using the ‘Tomtie Tech Check’*. They will explain all the benefits of Tomtie membership at this visit which usually lasts about an hour.

With our ComputerDriving® lessons, you are ‘in the driving seat’. This means that our instructors never touch your keyboard or click or tap on anything for you. Under expert and patient supervision, you will do it all yourself to give you the confidence to do it on your own when the instructor has gone!

Tomtie uses the ‘learning cycle’ method of teaching which means tasks are planned and then reviewed afterwards. People learn best by doing a task and then repeating it with awareness. Computers only do what you tell them to do and remembering everything at once can feel daunting, but our ComputerDriving® Instructors have a library of excellent step by step Tomtie Guides® to help you through each task.

After each ComputerDriving® lesson you’ll receive an email summarising what you covered in the lesson (your lesson log).